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The vision for this committee is to create a more inclusive and equitable orchestra community. In the spirit of that vision, it is my hope that the goals, mission statement, and direction spring organically through discourse and discussion. To that end, I invite you to think about these big ideas. Please bring your big ideas. 
Big Idea 1: Develop innovative new programs in which to encourage and recruit students in the ETHS Orchestra program that reflect the demographic of the Evanston community in race, gender identity, and socioeconomic status.
Big Idea #2: Maintain our current inclusive orchestra experience by uniting students through group goals while simultaneously celebrating and respecting each other’s unique identities.


Big Question #1: How do we make our spaces more reflective of Evanston's diversity?

Big Question #2: How do we make our spaces safer, more welcoming, and more supportive for our students once they are with us?  

With this in mind, what sort of meeting topics and activities, and what sort of events or action steps can our organization take to provide incremental progress and long-term, long-lasting solutions to some of the bigger issues we all recognize?

Our first meeting will be TBA. Subsequent meetings will be scheduled after our first meeting. 

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